I'm a composer based in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

 I'm a "classic" film composer in that I studied harmony, arranging, and orchestration.  But as a working musician and composer, I've of course become comfortable with the electronics and textures of contemporary films.  This is an exciting moment for film composition, where electronic textures are meeting traditional instruments in subtle ways.

My score for the 28-minute short "Bowling Blind" (2011) helped the film win the Jury Prize at the Lighthouse Film Festival. 

My approach to film is informed by my appreciation of cinema.  I love movies, and I briefly studied film in Paris with the wonderful and renowned French film scholar Marc Ferro. I also worked as as a dance accompanist at The Martha Graham school of dance (and elsewhere around New York City) orchestrating the movements of dancers, which helped me with my timing.

A tiny sampling of some composers I admire greatly are: David Amram in the "Manchurian Candidate" (which he did with a stopwatch and scissors); Michael Nyman's score for "Gattaca"; Johnny Greenwood's score for "There Will be Blood"; and Michael Serra's score for "The Fifth Element".

I'm open to working with both new and established directors -- feel free to contact me with the info on my contact page!